My Princess Boy

My Princess Boy is a children's picture book about acceptance. It's the nonfiction story of a little boy who enjoys wearing glittery pink dresses, playing ballerina and wearing jewelry. The book was written by the boy's mother, who wanted to create a picture book for kids that would teach them and possibly their parent readers about embracing diversity in the world. The book was featured on the Dr. Phil show and has been heavily criticized by reviewers since it came out.

Some schools banned My Princess Boy, since "it implies homosexuality and transgender orientations". Well, I bought a copy and read through it, but I didn't see anything in the book about the boy being gay or transgender, he just liked objects that society sees as "girly". In fact, the only thing I remember about being gay in the book was that the boy's mother says, "he'll find out his orientation when he's ready, and when he does, if he tells us he's gay we'll support him unconditionally". That's really amazing for a parent to say, more parents need to be accepting of their children's identities like the mom who wrote My Princess Boy.

It was also banned because in the illustrations, no one has a face drawn on them. Apparently some kids were scared by this? Wow, when I was that age I was reading Goosebumps! If drawings of stick figures without faces scare children, the world must've made quite a dramatic change in the past ten years!

Personally I thought that My Princess Boy was a wonderful book with a valuable lesson for all readers, not just children.

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