Hop on Pop

(Toronto, Canada)

Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss is heavily criticized by some readers for its title alone. Hop on Pop is a book about rhyming words, such as "cup and pup", "mouse and house" and "sat on cat". But the Toronto Public Library in the Canadian province of Ontario received a request from parents to ban the book from the shelves, claiming that it was violent. I read it as a kid and I don't remember there being anything violent in it! When Dr. Seuss called the book "hop on pop" he certainly wasn't implying that children should squash their parents to death by hopping on them, it's just a silly title that rhymes. Some parents think that "hop on pop" is a phrase implying incest between children and their father, and I didn't see that, either. The whole book is just a funny picture book teaching children how to rhyme, with colorful cartoon pictures and creative characters.

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